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Here is my story on how I was a victim of FRAUD by Gus Zamora Jr. & Associates who took $70,000 of my life savings.

*Presently there is a Supreme court order against Gus Zamora, Gus Zamora Jr. and Zamora and Associates. to repay all of the money that was taken.

The home page of this website shows Gustavo Zamora Jr., in Chile being lead into court in handcuffs for his involvement in the abduction of two children that occurred in January 2011.

UPDATE: Friday April 13, 2012: The Courts in Chile ordered an arrest warrant against former Marine Gustavo Zamora charged with child abduction?

October 2009 was my first contact with Gus Zamora Jr. of Zamora & Associates. I was looking for someone to help me with deal with recovering my abducted son. After contacting several websites that wanted retainers up front, I was told that Gus Zamora Jr. worked differently. After contacting Gus and talking to him for an hour or so, he seemed together and knowledgeable, but as the months grew and the more we talked he seemed to defend himself against the other websites and some of his former upset clients. He only talked about two cases telling the same stories over and over again about his one or two successful recoveries. He never mentioned his son Gustavo Zamora and talked about his two other kids being secretly high up ranking in the military. After looking into these websites I found them quite similar and now know why Gus was trying to see if I was going to question him about the sites being similar. (Gus Zamora Jr. site) Now shut Down (Gus Zamora Jr. site) Now shut Down Gus Zamora is a Board Member for this site. Hmmm!!!!

Please look under the links tab to find other links to questionable sites.

When I questioned Gus about these sites he claimed that someone else copied his and that they have nothing to do with him. Funny how this was the site that wanted $5000.00 from me for a referral to Zamora and Associates. When I refused they gave me the contact info anyway. Sounds fishy??

Also while I was dealing with Gus Zamora he defended himself several times telling me that if a reporter was to contact me asking questions I should just tell him nothing. Gus claimed that several past clients were suing him and he was being investigated for fraud. I should have pulled out then but I was already given Gus over $20,000 and thought that this could not happen to me. Was I wrong!!!

On March 13, 2009, my son, age 6, was abducted and was held in Japan by his mother. I have full custody in Canada of all my children. The custody order states that all the children are to reside with me. The mother requested a letter from me, which would permit her to take the children back to Japan to visit their sick grandmother. I granted this request.

On March 21, 2009, the day they were all scheduled to return to Vancouver, Canada, My Ex-wife kept my son and sent back the rest of the children.

My son has dual Canadian and Japanese citizenship for both countries.

Charges from the RCMP and Interpol were laid against the mother.

The following is a letter that I wrote Gustavo Zamora after I fired him for having done no research, wasting our money and time. I left him in a hotel room in Japan. This letter will tell our story.

Mr. Zamora

You claim that you charge $500.00 per day for your services plus travel expenses, hotel, car and flights. It was agreed that you would travel down to the Philippines for a week to look for a boat that we could hire for service. The goal was to hire a boat to travel from the Philippines to Japan and back. Your week turned into 4 and then we were told your son was helping you. This was not part of the deal and at the end of week one you should have sent back an estimate, time frame and option for us to look over.
Both extending the week in the Philippines and bringing your 25-year-old son (who we have since found out has been arrested five times in the USA) to help you, was not agreed upon by me whatsoever in any conversation, email or contract. Making matters worse you did not contact us for 5 to 10 days at a time to update me on what was going on. It was only after my repeated e-mails that you finally would contact me, stating in one e-mail that you were on a beach in Hawaii spending my money. We found this statement inappropriate and very unprofessional. The fact was, you could not find a boat in those three to four weeks and decided to try again a month later wasting more of our money. You claimed that your connections were away and there was an election among other excuses. If you have been doing this for 10 years and claim to have connections worldwide, you should be able to charter a boat within days, or just over the phone from the USA.
Again you tried to get a boat unsuccessfully for a week in the Philippines and went back to the USA due to a cut on your finger, you claim. Weeks later I paid for you to come with me to Japan for a total of two days to see if you knew your stuff and what your plan would be if you had one.
I also want you to keep in mind that there has never been any proof sent to us about you or your son traveling to the Philippines in way of a plane ticket, hotel or car rental receipt. The rest of our family thinks you did not go to the Philippines at all, but were at home all of the time communicating to us using a blocked cell phone.
This is what happened without going into too many details.
I paid you $10,000 as a deposit, $40,000 before you went to the Philippines the first time and another $10,000 before you went to the Philippines the second time. I then paid for the entire trip for you from USA to Canada then to Japan and back including airfare, hotel and rental car.
Looking for you to have a plan once we got to Japan, you really had no idea what to do, had not done any research of the area prior to us going, and I was standing at the airport having to decide what I should do with you. You were really quiet and knew you had been caught. You had also done no research on my case in the entire 7 months!!!!
The fact was that all through the trip from Japan to Canada traveling with you for two days, not once did you ever want to sit down and discuss what our plan was on arrival, share any research you had done on my case for the past 7 months, you even got your seat changed on the plane so you would not have to talk to me about the case. Once we got to Japan you had no idea what you were doing and stood in the airport looking lost. I had to rent a car and book the hotel. The day prior you just spent your time looking at girls, eating and talking about old recovery stories that I had heard several times before. After we got to the hotel and you knew I was onto you, you started looking for a fast exit.
At the end, all you really cared about was getting more money from me. I told you to submit all of your receipts and travel expenses as most professionals do. You then got loud and angry in the hallway of the hotel and claimed that I had wasted your time. And wanted me to pay for a plane ticket for you to go home right away.
Wait a minute, YOU WORK FOR ME!!
When refusing to hand over cash to you in the hallway of the hotel, where I might add my 16 year old traumatized daughter was standing right behind me listening to your voice getting louder and you claiming that I would rip you off. Taking into account that I never once before sending you $60,000 asked you for a reference or receipt at all and took you for your word.
After I walked away, you bombarded my new wife of 5 years in Canada claiming that you were going to get me and it was going to get ugly and she should fear for my life. Remember the 50 plus texts and calls yelling at her for over an hour.
Fearing for my safety, my wife who was back in Canada ran to the bank crying and sent you $10,000.00 so you would not kill me as you told her you would.
Remember that it was very convenient for you that I was in the middle of the mountains on my way to see my son and could not get in touch with my wife at the time until 3 hours later. Do you know how you made her feel DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND!!!!! Shame on you on not being a man and dealing with this as a business deal as it was from the beginning. You met my wife in Canada. She is a small Chinese lady 100lbs and you knew just how to play her, shame on you again.
And on top of it all, your contract was with me not her.
On top of all this you ordered room service, drinks, and other stuff that you did not pay for and just ran out on the bill. Remember the room I paid for under my name. I had to go back to the hotel and pay the $350.00 room charges that you signed in my name. On top of it all you spelled my name wrong, you think after taking over $70,000 from me you would spell my name right! I have the bills and your signature as proof. This is a serious crime in Japan and the police were involved. And the Japanese police told me, that you would be detained and charged if you return to Japan.
You then pretended to be me to change the airline tickets to an earlier flight to get you home

Then to add more salt into a wound you call my ex-wife in Japan and told her a giant story that I was going to kidnap my own son and got the police involved.

This is what I would like to see happen:
I would like you to write and apology letter to my wife for scaring the shit out of her and for the threats against me. (I have heard the calls and seen the texts)
I am willing to either pay you for the time you spent in the Philippines looking for the boat both times, on the understanding that you provide proof of airline tickets, hotels, and rental car. Being the pro that you are, I am sure you will have no problem providing these receipts, this will also show the length of stay in the Philippines. (It was your choice to bring your son not mine, I hired you not him)
The original estimate YOU sent me, was for most of the money $50,000 to be used for a boat fuel and crew. It was only when you could not hold up your end of the contract you decided to change the contract to no matter what you want $70,000 with or without a boat. I never agreed to this. I am sure that anyone reading this would agree that paying you $70,000 for 4 weeks in the Philippines looking for a boat and a few days in Japan that I paid for, is not worth $70,000.
Even if you use your logic of $500.00 a day x 30 days only comes up to $15,000. If you then add in $5000.00 for hotel, car and air, it is only $20.000. Even if you double it, claiming you took your son with you, it is only $40,000 so what about the other $30,000 is that your tip????
You claimed that your next contract is a 2.5 million dollar contract for security and hundreds of clients are banging down your door throwing money at you. (all of this, your words and emails).
I am a simple family man that works as a night janitor. I trusted you and went to you for help and you really played my wife and I. What is $70,000 to you? As you stated to me on the phone nothing it’s a drop in the bucket. To me it was our life savings and any hope of recovering my son.

You also quote in several E-mails:
1. “We are under no obligation to provide receipts”
2. “You never asked for my advise or for my plan.”
3. “Americans have a sense of duty and honour, Canadian’s have none of this”
4. “Your insinuation that we were even in the Philippines leads us to believe that you have personal and emotional issues”.
5. “Sorry that I have not updated you but we have been on the beaches of Hawaii spending your money!”

A. MacBain

All of these quotes were gathered from Gus Zamora’s emails to us.

Before hiring Gustavo Zamora, Zamora and Associates, or any other person or agency, get everything in writing and DO NOT pay any money before consulting with a lawyer. Putting the money in escrow or in trust with your lawyer.

I brought back my son on my own, and with a little planning and understanding anyone can do the same for their child. Be weary of the people who praise this man for what he does. To this date I have never met or talked to anyone claiming a successful recovery by Gus Zamora. Only the stories in his websites lead you to believe what he claims he can do.

I hope this helps any reader avoid the hell my family and I had to go through.

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